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Poperinge, stad achter het front - life behind the lines
Deze twee magistrale Chinese portretten van Stephan Vanfleteren onderweg vanuit Poperinge Naar FOMU Antwerpen, voor de grote overzichtstentoonstelling van het werk van Stephan Vanfleteren, vanaf 25/10. Framing by Frame Products #stephanvanfleteren #fomu #poperinge #exhibition #overzichtstentoonstelling #frameproducts @ Poperinge, stad achter het front - life behind the lines @ Poperinge, stad achter het front - life behind the lines
Frame Products
Frame Products
Large solo exhibition “Left Stories” by artist Robbert Fortgens with its latest artworks on corrugated iron and abstract paintings @project2.0gallery
Framing by Frame Products
#project20gallery #robbertfortgens #soloexhibition #grandopening #abstractpaintings #leftstories #artgallery #galleryopening #noordeinde #thehague #frameproducts @ Project 2.0 / Gallery
Frame Products
Frame Products
Must see! Opening today 18:00 Casper Faasen “Still” @casperfaassen @kahmann_gallery Still moving forward in stretching the photographic boundaries,
in this Fall show Casper Faassen partly looks back on where it all started, his initial source of inspiration: Rembrandt.
The moment he stood face to face with The Night Watch marked the beginning of 35 years of drawing, taking photographs and painting. The first painting he ever made was a colorful interpretation of the Shooting Company on his bedroom wall. 4 October marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death, and this is the reason for Casper to investigate the common ground between the artist’s work and his own.

The exhibition will open with a self-portrait. It will also feature several more literal stylistic Rembrandt interpretations. Framing by @frameproducts #exhibition #artphotography #exhibitionopening #stilllife #newframingconcept #framezing #workourassesoff
Frame Products
Frame Products
YipArt opened in last night! Frame Products has been supporting the Young in Prison foundation (YiP) by donating many Frames from the beginning of the YiPArt Photo Auction.
We’re proud to be part of yet again a beautiful series of works donated by the participating photographers and also made possible by a formidable line up of sponsors including Frame Products.
The CIRCL location in the heart of the Zuidas (business district) in Amsterdam is a beautiful and super nice location to check out.
Don't miss this opportunity and go and see the coming days. Better yet, make a nice offer during YIPART PHOTO AUCTION 2019.

YiPArt Photo Auction, the largest benefit photo auction in the Netherlands, takes place for the ninth time in Amsterdam on Sunday 13 October 2019.
On that day, the works of more than 80 top photographers in collaboration with Christie's are auctioned for the benefit of the work of the Young in Prison foundation. (YiP).
Auctioneer Arno Verkade auctions works by Miles Aldridge, Hendriks Kerstens, Vincent Mentzel, Frank van Driel, Levi van Veluw, Casper Faassen, Jeroen Hofman and many others for YiP's creative work in youth prisons worldwide.check out the on-line catalog for a full overview
The photos can also be viewed in CIRCL prior to the auction from 10 to 12 October.

Viewing days:
10 & 11 October from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

12 October from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
October 13 from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Admission: Free
Location: CIRCL (Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, Amsterdam) #younginprison #yipart_younginprison #sponsering #auction #artphotography #photoauction #frameproducts #corporatesocialresponsibilty #proudpartner
Frame Products
Frame Products
Afgelopen zaterdag was de boeklaunch en expositie van Vivian Hoorn in Galery Grimm! Een overzicht van haar analoge werk wat ze in Kaapstad heeft geschoten. Het boek en de losse prints zijn in editie te koop via haar website

FotoLabKiekie heeft alle Fine Art afdrukken voor deze expositie verzorgd, het inlijstwerk door Frame Products #exhibition #booklaunch #fineartprints #frameproducts #framazing @ GRIMM
Frame Products
Frame Products
NUDE NOW. More than 100 great nude photographs from the Kahmann collection with lots of Frame Products frames on show till September 22 @museumhilversum #kahmanngallery #nudephotography #artcollector #museumexhibition #framing #frameproducts @ Museum Hilversum